Advanced Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1168

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I love you neidra!! And Micah you are brilliant!
What a great workout many thanks to you both!
This is such a great response you have all posted and it makes me very happy to read the feed back - I am forwrading them to Micah so he gets just how great and inspiring he really is. Pilates is such a fabulous workout for men ( and women) and the athletic side is often missed, so I am really happy to share how VAST this subject matter trully is.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It was definitely a challenging workout, no question about that! I really love working out in this studio and it's always a joy to move with Niedra.
Oh My! All I did was WATCH, and I am worn out and speechless!
Wow! Very, very inspiring. Thank you :)
Wow, A plus for student and teacher. So much to learn on both sides of the coin.
Way to go Micah and! What a powerful workout! well done and please please please give us more!! xx
I am curious to know how long Micah has been doing Pilates? Very inspiring! Hopefully I will be there one day :)
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