Intense and Dynamic Mat
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1178

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Such an awesome experience! Fun to take it from home now too!
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Seeing the entire room with these "new" camera angles is fantastic! Almost as good as being there.
Rael rocks! cant wait to watch it!
The energy in that room was nuclear! 230 amazing people from 25 countries and hundreds more joining us on the "live feed". Thank you PA for being there for us. You are awesome!
was a pleasure to do my workout today with this class so amazing ... Me encantas Rael,
I hope to see you in Argentina :))))
Beautiful class and great passion! Thank you
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Rael is great enjoyed his
Class but had a hard time
Will continue taking classes slowly until I get
Stronger thank you for this wonderful on line
Chance to do this and be able to take class at
Anytime that is convenent for you
Seriously amazing class ! Thank you Rael and thank you PilatesAnytime for sharing :)
Great class Rael! Wish I could have been there for the live version!
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Rael, you are unreal! Amazing feeling after this class :) Greetings from Ireland.
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