Ab to Leg Connection<br>Kara Wily<br>Class 1182

Ab to Leg Connection
Kara Wily
Class 1182

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Great class! My abs thank you.
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Super good and super tough class! Fantastic cueing for finding core connection and using opposition for control. Thanks very much Kara. Looking forward to challenging my strong ladies!
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Kara, you always inspire strong performance. I have never tried one arm one leg pull up other than star....wow, I see why you built is up before putting that in. Fabulous to strengthen weak backs! (and abs but that's always right?) Thanks so much!!
Thank you Holly, Dawn, Angel!
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Great class! I loved your cueing. Thank you:)
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Kara, I have just purchased my first chair and the timing of your class was spot on for me and oh boy did i enjoy the whole experience. Loved it, thankyou.
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Fantastic class. I love your cuing!
Really loved the idea if teaching horseback on the chair. I am going to teach it that way before introducing it on the reformer. I think it will help my clients to connect to the exercise easier!
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Loved it! Thanks Kara!!
La profesora comunica y transmite muchísima energía y positivismo. Explica muy bien los ejercicios. La clase es dura pero muy divertida. Muchas gracias.
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