Reformer Sequences<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 1202

Reformer Sequences
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 1202

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Nicely done
Corey Rad
Lovely to watch - Yoshi and Yuko are beautiful to watch, I am assuming they are dancers! Have 2 questions: 1) Are they inhaling and exhaling thru the nose? It was hard to see the breath in the video, and 2) Are the Reformers two different sizes? One looked shorter then other with a shorter long box - just curious. Did you make those Deborah? They are beautiful.
In general we inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Good noticing!- the reformers ARE different sizes. Yuuko is on one that is the same dimensions as Carols's reformers. Yoshi is on the new one which is 8 inches longer and one inch wider. I am behind getting the new reformer on my website but, yes, I make them( Thank you, Corey Anne
Absolutely superb! Wow. I'm a very new teacher with a more contemporary education and to see this work and the range and strength, precision and beauty is well - inspiring, motivating, challenging. My Pilates journey has barely begun. Thank you Deborah.
thank You very much!
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Is the very capable young Lady demonstrating here, a Pilates Instructor, and has she a Website?
Thank you for this beautiful presentation and commentary!
Truly inspiring, a delight for the eyes! Clear concise cueing, this is a pearl of a video!! Thank you!
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