Mat on the Reformer
Pat Guyton
Class 1216

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So many new ways to look at "old favorites"! Great cues and visualization. Plus it was FUN! Thanks, Pat!
Thanks! I love the dimension of the Pilates work and how things can fit together to make old things new.
I started my first Pilates training with you over 12 years ago and I am glad that I did. Although I have had much more training since then, my teaching has been so influenced by your attention to detail, pure graceful efficient movement, and passion for the work. Thanks Pat are a wonderful teacher.
Hi Deborah! I remember you, too. It makes me smile to know that you have continued your studies. Perhaps we will see each other again...
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shaking my head with a case of the WoWs Im so impressed !!
what a wonderful class, loved the transitions and just when I thought I knew where we were going movement changed, as you predicted :)
Thank You !!!
So grateful that I get to learn from my favorite teacher whenever I want. Thank you, Pat for your insightful cues, innovative exercises, and humor. Spine stretch before forward rowing and your spinal flexion and saw exercise seated with feet in the well were big hits for me.
Pat is a master at getting her students (I'm so lucky!!!) to go deeper, to think---but not too much--- about what's intended in the exercise. So much is logical and Pat empowers this simplicity. She gets me to give the most of myself, always! I love my teacher!
Thanks Yugonda! That is exactly what I was hoping to do...challenge the expectations within the Pilates syllabus.
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Hi Teresa,
Rende Brockwell, who is my assistant at Pat Guyton Pilates, started experimenting with the Spine Stretch on the Reformer. She inspired ME to think and this is my version. It is a wonderful feeling when the students we have taught become our teachers.
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Amy! The best compliment from you to me is your progress! You have reached out into the larger Pilates community and continue to become the teacher that I am proud to have mentored. I did not do it all, YOU DID! Thanks for being you.
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