Mat Workout
Kara Wily
Class 1222

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Love this class! The slower pace and the movements flowing from one to another......this will be my weekend body treat!
Wow, so glad to see all of the people who enjoyed this. It is one of my favorites too! :). Happy to be in such good company!
wonderful. I OVE YOU!!!
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Thank you so much, Kara! What a beautiful workout. You make it fun!
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Great class Kara! I love working out with you :)
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a real workout ! loved the awareness comments by Kara on her workout .... really listening to her body
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Great exercises! Good pace. Thank you!
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The best thing Kara demonstrated in that work out was her work ethic, something that is tough to have consistently when alone at 6 AM. I worked today and this class will help me work tomorrow as well.
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Thank you Kara for 'keeping it real'. It will be a fave x
Beautifully honest and true to the work of mr p :) outstanding!!!
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