Mat Workout
Kara Wily
Class 1222

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Irina you are wonderful to hear from. I can hear your enthusiasm and appreciate your sweat through the internet! Love it and look forward to meeting you one of these days :)
Loved this! Felt great to flow from one to the next, thanks!
Emma, Thank you! This is my favorite way to work, I am glad it made you feel good too!
Good workout on the side work however she give no clue that we were/are changing sides so this can be confusing. Overall a great vid though.
Inspirational workout thank you! :)
This was a great class!
Just did this for the second time- such a wonderful class! The cues were so helpful; I feel like I have a much better grasp on crab (pulling the knees in) and control balance (finding that "J" shape) after practicing with you. Had to laugh a little when you said "Now, we'll just simply..." then proceeded with teaser set and hip circles! Feeling that internal massage for sure :) Thank you, Kara!
Jordan, thank you for your message!  I was doing short spine on the mat yesterday and man did I feel that internal massage, so I so appreciated your message.  Nothing like getting your guts into something :)!
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