Spine Corrector Introduction<br>Amy Havens<br>Special 1231

Spine Corrector Introduction
Amy Havens
Special 1231

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Great as always - thank you Amy :)
Thanks Amy,, nice, clear, great basic movements..
less is more...
have a great day!
Thank you Molly....yes this short little intro is just that, an intro! Glad you liked it!
Very functional and I like the analogy to being at a computer all day affecting the spine!
Hi Suzanne.....thank you! Spine Corrector work is some of my favorite...glad you enjoyed it too!
Thank you, Amy for this! Your explanation always clear, concise and lovely. Besides that, I needed this today!! J.
Thank you Amy i really enjoy the way you teach! Clear instructions and great detail! Beautifully presented thanks!
Hello Amy! I have had a question from a client and I really don't know the answer, can you please let me know your thoughts on this: is the spine corrector tailored on all sizes and heights of various clients? thank you!
Loved this short session. What is your opinion on the Stamina pilates spine corrector?
Hi Jodie.....regarding the Stamina Pilates Spine Corrector---I don't have an opinion as I've not done any work on one. I typically use Balanced Body, but have a Gratz Corrector and absolutely LOVE that one!
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