Play with Coordination<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1232

Play with Coordination
Amy Havens
Class 1232

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Had so much fun visiting the PA studio and filming this class with Amy! I think I confused the start of rollover with jackknife though. Maybe I shouldn't have used the straps...But hey, it worked!

Amy, you a great teacher! I wish I could move to Santa Barbara and become your student. I guess I will have to visit more often!
Great class really enjoyed doing it myself and will enjoy stealing some for my students love the last little stretch in every move.
some refreshung new ideas and love the creativity .
Amy, I LOVE watching you teach and use alot of your cues with suggestion: Please try wearing a hair tie! I think you would be surprised how much the viewer sees you adjusting hair..just a thought from a fan
Thank you ladies! And yes Ellen...thank you for that feedback. I'll be more aware of hair adjusting.....
Great class! Thank you both of you!
Finland loves you! :)
Thank you for commenting Heikki! Hope you're well!! :)
Loved the feet in straps with the circle. Fab class, lucky Connie.
Glad you enjoyed this class Heidi. Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)
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