Kathy Grant Mat<br>Kathy Grant<br>Class 1244

Kathy Grant Mat
Kathy Grant
Class 1244

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Soooooo thrilled to see this video of KSG. Makes me smile to hear her voice, see her at work and keep this alive. Thank you so much for adding this.
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What a regal practice we've inherited! Thank you, thank you thank you! And what a generous lady ... with clear expectations! Humbling just to hear her voice!

I'm convinced if the world did Pilates it would be a better place.
Amazing woman! I love this class. Pilates Anytime is so important to my teaching and it keeps getting
better. Thank you Kathy and to the whole team
Ann S
What a treat!!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing this video.
AWESOME instructor.
what was her song?
Janie ~ You can learn about Kathy's Song in Cara's video Before the Hundred. She goes over it a little bit here. She also did a workshop which we are planning to release early next year which will explain it more in depth.
In love with this class!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
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