The Life of Eve<br>Eve Gentry<br>Documentary 1250

The Life of Eve
Eve Gentry
Documentary 1250

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Beautifully put together thank you very much xx
Yeong Cheol C
I admired Eve Gentry.
Thank you very much, what a wonderful documentary!
This is amazing! Thank you for this wonderful gift!
Thank you Kristi for taking the time to do such a wonderful Job in researching and interviewing. This was well done. Giving us all an intimate and indepth peek back in Eves History. I am greatful to receive this footage as a PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Instructor. I Love Pilates AnyTime!
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I am so thankful for this beautiful and invaluable video. I was trained by Michelle Larson, and am incredibly grateful to be able to say so. Thank you to Michelle for being so true to Eve and her message, and thank you to Amy for all of your work on this awesome project. I cannot wait to see all that is still to come!
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I am always emotional after watching those videos and thankful that PA had put this together for us all to learn more about the roots and legacy of Joe's work. Thank you!
You are all welcome! I'm so glad you are watching as seeing it as valuable and important as we do.

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Im beginning to understand my passion now.
Thank You for creating The Legacy Project.
Thank you for your comment Yugonda!
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