Fletcher-Inspired Mat<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 1268

Fletcher-Inspired Mat
Risa Sheppard
Class 1268

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I watched this class while cooking in my kitchen and now I cant wait to try it myself and share w/my studens. Thank you Risa for bringing such fun, creative and challenging moves to mat class. Gonna check out your other classes!
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Loved this class. Inspired me to look back to my dance roots to bring a creative twist to my classes. Thank you!
Yes, I agree. I've never seen these movements in any Pilates class before and Risa explained them as being "old school" which I LOVED! My ONLY concern is why a level 2 class that only has 2 students performing the movements; would chose to use a student who found the movements difficult or hard to perform. This causes the instructor to have to stop, moderate and adjust that person and I'm not sure why an advanced level class couldn't pick students that are able to keep up the pace. Aside from that - this is an excellent video!
Hi Dawn, Thank you for your feedback. Level 2 for us is considered intermediate and we are always open to people needing to modify to suit their needs. It may be that we mis- labeled the class. The students in class are invited (as are you), not planted for any particular video. No matter how advanced a student is they may need to modify or have some clarification on an exercise on any given day. Everyone should check our schedule if they ever want to join us. It's fun! Michael King is teaching my class tomorrow night!
Studio at Padaro Beach
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I saw many classes scheduled for filming this week when I visited your class schedule at Padaro Beach. Yeah!! Did MichaelĀ“s class happen to be filmed too? Eagerly waiting for a new offering from him. As one of the fortunate members of this forum to have actually taken classes at your studio TWICE, I can`t emphasize enough the atmosphere of acceptance and patience for students no matter what their level.
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Joni ~ Thank you for your feedback. Michael has filmed a few classes this week and they should be on the site next month. I'm sure you will enjoy them.
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I enjoyed this class. It was very moderate and I learned some other moves to add in my own practice. I would enjoy seeing this teacher create an advanced version with an accelerated pace.
Great basic workout! Will incorporate in my class.
I agree with Deborah Hinderstein! I would love to see Risa creating an advanced class with accelerated pace. I loved the fancy transitions and the way Risa performed the exercises, it is just in her body! Thank you!
Thank you! I would be happy to create an advance class for you all!
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