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Linda Tarney on Kathy
Linda Tarney
Discussion 1271

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My heart opened with the vibration of Love i felt in that interview
Thank you
beautifully special :)
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What a special interview! Thanks a lot for that!
Oh my... I was there for this interview but watching it now it is just amazing. Linda Tarney speaks so perfectly to what a profound teacher is, Kathy was and we can all be it we never give up and stay the course.
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This made me laugh and cry. I am so glad Linda Tarnay was included in this. That was a bittersweet trip down memory lane. Blossom
I was there for this interview. I cried then, but I am beside myself now after watching this interview again. I can only imagine what it is like for you Blossom and Cara to listen to this beautiful interview. As someone much farther removed from Kathy than either of you, I still find myself full of gratitude for meeting Linda Tarnay and for getting to know Kathy Grant just a little bit better. Thank you.
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Thank you Kristy and Cara for this interview! It really does portray a clear picture of Kathy. I was touched by the sense of "journey"- how Kathy worked so hard to make each one of her students work hard in order to learn about their bodies and respect their bodies; and also in order to earn her friendship.
I think one can learn so much here about the essence of Pilates... much more than in many many classes! Thanks again! x Amit
what a lovely interview.x
Deborah M
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Thank you for this interview. Linda Tarney and many of the players in her story were my teachers and fellow students at NYU, 1986-88. I too, did not "get" Pilates my first lesson with Clarice Marshall. And I missed by one year Kathy Grant's years with TSOA. But her message of honoring and listening to and being present with one's body has become my life's work as a Pilates practitioner and teacher for 20 years. Thank you Linda, for sharing your journey with Kathy and the dance culture at Tisch. It is a moving tribute to Kathy and the personal quest of all dancers. Thank you again! Deborah
Thank you Deborah. Your feedback is so meaningful.
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