Grounding Feet and Pelvis<br>Sharon G.<br>Class 1272

Grounding Feet and Pelvis
Sharon G.
Class 1272

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Fabulous class Sharon!! I can't wait to try this class. Loved your variations and clear cues:)
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Ashlee. I'm very happy you enjoyed it.
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Wow what a killer! loved it and the variations! Well done Sharon! :) You truly deserve to be on PA!
Fantastic! More, Sharon, please! This one will keep me occupied for a long time.
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Holy hamstrings!!! Thank you Sharon!!! Keep em coming. Love your variations and your clarity!
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That was great, loving the cues!
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Nice paced chair workout. Loved seeing some of the non-traditional versions of traditional exercises.
What a privilege to work with you again Sharon! My feet/Hamstrings connection will remember you for many years to come. Thank you. love.
great cuing, pace, variations to the traditional. really super teaching.
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Thank you Sharon for a beautifully taught class! All the instructions are really clear and the cueing is so simple and effective. Loved the "chest into back" cue!
Thank you to Mira as well for demonstrating all these killer variations one after the other with such grace :)
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