Fill The Empty Space<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 1274

Fill The Empty Space
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 1274

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I really enjoy your descriptions and explanations. Your demonstrations also really clarify things. Thank you !
Thank you so much for all of the great tips. You are an awesome teacher!
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Really appreciate the tutorials!! Breaking down the movements and the whys behind the exercise are so welcomed. love the contrast of what the incorrect way and the correct way should look like. What to "look for" helps in developing a good eye. Thank you!
Karen Sanzo
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Oh goodness. You are all so very welcome!! I am glad you gathered from it what I had hoped!!
Great tutorial, quick and very helpful tips. Thanks, Karen!
Love it! love it!! love it!!! so informative and so very helpful for a new bee like me learning so much thank you Karen??
Jamie H
Karen is a wonderful teacher. As a visual learner, I appreciate how she demonstrates the exercises.Far too often, I have teachers who simply just give directions but they don't show HOW to do the exercise correctly.
Excellent as always
Elaine S
I'm new to Pilates Anytime and I love your helpful, quick tips. Thank you
Clear, concise, and very helpful, both for myself and for my students. Thank you.
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