Ladder Barrel Challenge
Sharon G.
Class 1286

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Mira you look amazing!!
What a great class, love the warm up.
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She's awesome.
Wow, so challenging, but also so much fun!
Thank you Cari and Jackson. Yes Mira is absolutely power and grace in motion. Agreed!

Holly, so sweet of you to post a comment on this class as well. I'm really happy that you've enjoyed the classes. Thank you.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this fun class. Thx!
Thank you Eric. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
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I'm fairly new to ladder barrel, but have one, and this have me juicy new moves for myself and clients. Tried a few today and the comments were "Wow! That felt amazing!" And "What a stretch!" More please! You're one of my faves, Sharon.
KIm. Wow. Thank you! I feel so honored to be amongst this group of stellar Instructors, so really appreciate your comment. I'm glad it felt good on your body as well. I also really love the Barrel work.
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This class is awesome. Excellent cueing thank you!
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Mira beautiful mover
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