Fascia and Movement<br>Carol M. Davis<br>Workshop 1298

Fascia and Movement
Carol M. Davis
Workshop 1298

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I find the information in this workshop priceless, So grateful being able to access another path of knowledge/awareness.
I just finished watching all most all of the chapters in this workshop. Dr. Davis is an excellent speaker, and I really know very little about fascia and movement; I wanted to learn more. So this was informative for me. I've not quibbled (now there's an old school expression -- but it applies here) about the cost of workshops because I feel I'm looking for information and you've got what I want and it's easy to access. Dr. Davis' talk and it's relationship to Pilates isn't necessarily direct, yet then again, it's relevant. I'm just not sure that it meets everyone's expectations when they are coming to view it and hope for an immediate takeaway that is applicable to their work and business. Perhaps a more thorough explanation of these types of workshops would give those who are thinking of purchasing it a better idea of what they will learn. The two minutes per segment doesn't quite provide a full enough picture because of the way it is edited.
That is really great feedback Lori. Thank you. We'll try to do better at correlating whether or not there is an obvious and direct link to Pilates in the future. In the case of most of our workshops there is a direct connection, but in this case and a few others, Dr. Davis is presenting her work on fascia specifically, rather than for a particular group such as Pilates instructors (though it was at a Polestar conference). Thanks!
Ronda P
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Great workshop and extremely fair price! Thank you Pilates anytime. Carol Davis is a gem. I value her expertise and am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her as I can't always get away to see her. Much gratitude and appreciation for
us to learn with her and for the inspiration and quality workshop.
Judy Richardson
I am excited to watch this workshop and grateful it is offered here on Pilates Anytime!
I am a Pilates Instructor and Advanced Myofascial Therapist. Carol Davis is highly regarded in the Myofascial Community and extremely knowledgeable. I too think this information is priceless to any movement teacher and will immensely benefit both ourselves our clients. Thank you.
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