Grounding Wunda Chair
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 1299

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Ahhh! As always after doing one of Amy's classes - I feel great.
LOVED the cue to continuously keep inhaling on the pumping! I feel light and lifted. Thank you, Amy. (been trying to figure out how to teach students to inhale MORE - this works!)
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Great energy again. I feel awful watching these away from the studio - I have to get on that chair immediately! I was only watching for my educational purposes and yet had a big smile after the class. Amy is simply unbelievable!
Loved this! Great cueing!
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Just love it--- thank you so much--my body is humming:)
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Wow! I love the 'bring life to the feet' cue! Excellent cueing and feedback throughout! Thank you!
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I enjoyed this class, made me love the Wunda chair even more! Very clear instructions and the right pace for me. Good idea also to show the front and side view of the exercise performance in the same time, thanks PA!
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Wonderful Thank You. Great cues.
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The best!
Thanks everyone. I'm so glad you're liking it.
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