Office Seated Stretch<br>Anthony Lett<br>Class 1313

Office Seated Stretch
Anthony Lett
Class 1313

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This was excellent. I would love to know how to modify some of these for the mat when I don't have a chair or bosu. Loved it!
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Thankyou! I have a mat book coming out in December full of the same work adapted to the floor. Stay tuned!
Wonderful stretching method!
Thank you Anthony, will use it today!
Thank you Zsuzsanna, glad to be of service :)
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Those neck stretches at the beginning of the session are just amazing! Thanks a lot!
Thanks Anthony, great to get some variations. My shoulders felt wonderfully heavy and released after that opening series and I certainly found some interesting areas in my butt!!
A Mat workout with anthony pleeeeeasee! :))
Taryn Upchurch
This was a very instructive session - thank you. I don't have a Bosu at home, so I made do with a ball and a block. Not quite the same, but I still enjoyed the stretch! :)
Great to hear it Taryn, thank you.
Love it!  I love the one with the bosu :)
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