Stretch in the Body Center<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1328

Stretch in the Body Center
Amy Havens
Class 1328

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Loved it! Thank you for all the quad stretch/lengthing work! I really need that too. Oh and I loved the seated warm-up. I have a new client that sometimes can not figure how to move his pelvis..I am sure this will help. Thank you for all your great tips! You look great Amy! Love your top!

p.s. Took my comprehensive BBU exam last Thursday! It's official....finally fully certified. :)
LOVE Amy's classes!!!! Thank you!!!

Connie, congrats on passing your comprehensive!! I recently finished my last module now just preparing for my comprehensive test out through BBU as well.
Thank you Connie! That seated warm up is very useful and many people connect to this and achieve the posterior/anterior movements much easier. Glad you're going to give it a try with clients! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you'd pass Connie, way to go!!
Thank you Claire!! I really appreciate the positive feedback!
Loved your class and the way you work. Beautiful.
Thank you Hila!!
Dear sweet talented Amy, I've missed you! Thanks for the great workout and creative pelvic loosening at the beginning.
Thank you Kerry.....have missed hearing from you too. Glad you enjoyed the pelvic loosening at the beginning of class!
Thanks Amy! I had a tough 35 mile bike ride yesterday and my entire body hurts! This was the perfect routine to loosen everything up and get a great stretch! You directions are so clear.
Hi Kathy.... So glad this class helped loosen you up after all that riding! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my teaching and my class!
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