Foam Roller Experience<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1380

Foam Roller Experience
Amy Havens
Class 1380

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Ah yes Marie Silva , that was part of the inspiration in creating this class.  I have fond memories of the foam roller back when I was in my dance conditioning days, it was so challenging...and so good!  Thanks for taking class with me!
M.C. D
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Loved that mermaid section at the end Amy. Wonderful. Thank you.
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yummy! Thank you !
Thank you so much M.C. D and Lisa Press !!
Melanie M
That definitely warmed me up!  Thank you, Amy!
I love this one so much!
Pam S
I *love* this video.  The foam roller and hand weights add so much variety and is a great stretch, but I still get to do some work!
Delicious ! Thank you Amy.
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