Imagery-Focused Mat
Brent Anderson
Class 1384

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VERY Happy Body!
She cried, "MORE! MORE! MORE!"
Genius...thanks for making me a smarter Pilates instructor! You never disappoint. Can't wait to share. Yes movement=happiness!
Brilliant class! I loved the way you combined all the systems. It's so important to take the time and go deeper, tap into areas of the body we don't often get to think about in our Pilates practice. Excellent work Brent!
Love it. So insightful and useful. Thank you!
Great class and very interesting about the different body systems. Did this class or v similar with you in. London back in October so great to go over it on Pilates Anytime, thank you.
Hi Jo it did have similar builds on moving from all systems of the body. I am glad you liked it.
I just loved the ease of flow from one exercise to the next. I did not feel as stressed to perform perfectly. I enjoyed my session!
thanks a lot ! it is easier tu understand with cueing of Brent ! great !
That was very relaxing, lots of energy, will do this one again.
as a mormon, i giggled over your "mormon tabernacle choir" reference. haha! i love your classes so much Brent, THANK YOU!!!!
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