Proprioception-Focused Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 1406

Proprioception-Focused Mat
Tom McCook
Class 1406

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Nice and cool :)
Tom, loved this class, actually love all your classes. Your cuing really helps me to focus on what I am working and get so much more from the exercises. Thank you
This is one of my favourites!!!! Thank you so very much!!! I love your soothing and calm delivery!!! GOD BLESS!!!
I love the calm, the breathing, and the awareness I get from your classes
Love, love, love every class you give. More please!
I am a physical therapist and this class was so exciting for me to do. I had never seen the body tapping segment as such a simple way to incorporate sensory treatment for the older child or adult. Pilates anytime has allowed me to learn from so many amazing professionals such as you.

Thank you,
Tom, you have an amazing technique of instruction in a smooth, calm manner coupled with a wealth of knowledge in body movement and sequence. It was like time stopped, there was no rush to get anywhere. Your class leaves one feeling energized and alert.. ready for anything. You are a real inspiration!! Thank you so much!
Tom- I enjoyed the fusion and Franklin work. Wonderful class and soft, clear presentation. Hips feel great! With Gratitude- Pamela
Loved the fusion of different disciplines in this workout. Just what my body needed this morning.
So invigorating. loved the hip flexor stretch variation - so much more focussed than the standard one. Thank you.
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