Pilates Arc Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1408

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Beautiful workout. Spine feels so much longer! Thanks so much.
Loved this class. I just got an arc for Christmas. There are lots of creative moves.
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Loved the oblique work...especially on top of the arc. Thank you Tom and PA!!
Very creative and clear! Great instructor!!!
Could you tell me what is the purpose of the Arc. I have no experience with it at all. It is something new for me.
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Hi Michele, The ARC is a lighter, more portable version of Joe Pilates small apparatus invention, the Spine Corrector. It's a versatile tool for spinal mobility, alignment, strength and full body conditioning. It gives you many, many options for working the body, at times adding support and others, reducing leverage making a movement more challenging and isolating. The ARC has more options with the removable seat and the option of using it upside down where it can rock and become unstable. It's a GREAT tool, The Spine Corrector in not new, the ARC is a updated version of it through Balanced Body.
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Lovely flowing class, Tom. I could listen to you recite the telephone directory and still learn something for your gentle, precise cueing.
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Great class. It felt great and I used some of it with my students. I can get stale because I work mostly be myself so it really helped kick in my imagination. The rotation movement was such a good addition. Thanks Tom and PA, you keep me inspired to teach!
Thank you Tom felt great after doing the class , oblique work was challenging and had a nice flow to it.
Tom, great class ! Loves your verbal cues! Can't wait to try some techniques with my students! Thank you so much ... Love your energy...!!!!
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