Quick Wunda Chair<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 146

Quick Wunda Chair
Kristi Cooper
Class 146

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I really likes this class! Real effective for 30 minutes.
stunning! Thanx posting Kristi!
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great thorough instruction. i will look for more of her classes!
Thanks Kristen! I intend to keep em coming!
great class Kristi.. as always.. great for my beginners / intermediates :)
This was my first class on the site. Loved it. Wasn't sure how to know which settings I should use for the springs though. Any tips on how I should figure that out?
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Johanna! I'm sorry I didn't give more clues as to how to select the springs in this class. I think the best thing to do is to adjust the springs according to how well you can accomplish the exercise. Each of the chairs in the video are very different in terms of spring tension. A general rule is if your feet are on the pedal, you'll need medium to heavy weight for you (usually two springs). When you are lying over the chair and using your arms the weight is typically meant to be light to medium for you (usually one spring). I hope that helps.
Thank you! That does help. :)
Kristi when we are doing the "frog leg" what are the areas that are the most targeted with this move. I am trying to figure out if i have the posture correct when I am doing it. Thanks.
Hi ADA, Can you tell me what time in the video you are referring to? I can't remember which one I did. Or if I did more than one exercise that involved "frog leg" in this class.
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