Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1487

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I'm floating and buzzing with energy. Kristi wins everything!
Just what I needed - my state has completely changed - I feel invigorated and ready to launch into the second half of the day. Thank you!
A great way to start our Sunday morning. We feel great! P.S. Stephen moaned and groaned a little bit and only tapped out once!
Surprised but slightly amused that Stephan had to tap out at all!
Thanks for sharing Annie!

just what I needed this morning! Great class :)
thank you Kristie...Cueing was perfect, making every step easier...
I feel perfect now...Thank you Kristie...
That was what I just needed for my body and conscience after a very chilled summer day; thanks Kristi. But it was the first time whatching one of your classes and I somehow felt you very in a rush... Nevermind, I liked it anyway ;o)
Nice class – I feel invigorated! Thank you.
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