Reformer Workout
Dana Santi
Class 1490

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Whew! Awesome for any level student!!
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Great details all throughout!
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THANKS DANA, Just goes to show you , no matter how experienced you are in the work. Fundamentals can still kick your butt!!!
Hope to see much more of you soon.
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Great and useful detail although not a level 1 class in my world!
Basics are always a workout. Glad you liked!
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Great going to basics but working hard. Loved the cues and attention to the little details

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Seriously amazing class. Thank you so much
Great class! One of the hardest classes I ever took was a teacher trainer workout called "challenging the advanced student with beginning basics". This reminds me of that unforgettable hour of focus and sweat and inspires me to take it to the studio for my next client! Thank you so much.
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What is the spring setting? Please include an example spring and bar setting for each exercise.
Hi Leah - I am not positive as to the bar settings, but I know that when I have two springs attached it is probably comparable to two red or two green, depending on what the configuration is on your apparatus. What springs do you have available to you? Maybe I can help you that way. And please feel free to email me at
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