The Reformer Star<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1493

The Reformer Star
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1493

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Thank you Elizabeth your expertise, attention to detail and humour make for a interesting yet challenging workout so happy to see you back at Pilates Anytime please come back again soon .
Yeong Cheol C
thank you Elizabeth .
That was fantastic Elizabeth! Your knowledge and understanding of the human body is inspiring in the way you deliver and apply that information to the movements that you are demonstrating! Also kudos to your class instructors!
elizabeth, your voice and style of teaching is wonderful! I loved your class! thank you!!!!
Can't wait to try this I cannot do the star and haven't been able to identify what is wrong with my organization... thanks in advance for sharing
Thanks Elizabeth!! you are amazing!!!
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A M A Z I N G ! ! !
I Your Classes Elizabeth ~ THANK YOU :)
and of course as usual your sense of humor is so fun !!
This is brilliant. Worth the month's $18.00 fee-- actually several months. So nice to see such creativity-- and styling too! Color coordination, etc. makes for a better visual. Elizabeth's lovely voice focuses one's head. This one is really good.
Thank you so much Joan. A comment like that from someone with your history and influence on the Pilates community at large is very significant to us. I'm sure Elizabeth appreciates it too!

PS: For those who don't know Joan, I hope you will.
Joan Breibart
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Brilliant class. I loved how the whole class involved exercises leading to a final challenge. Elizabeth's wit, knowledge and style of teaching made it so enjoyable!
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