Jump Board Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1557

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thanks amy,awesome feeling the deep connections while in flight and challenging gravity...........so enjoyed your workout and a wonderful way to add cardio tks from cape town RSA
Hi Amy, I have a cardio tramp instead of a jump board. Before I do your class do you think it be just as effective using the tramp? Many thanks!
Thank you! I enjoyed it. Nice cues and good energy!
Just did not have it in me to run today, so this jumboard class was a great substitute! Loved helicopter and the shoulder/tricep stuff at the end. Thank you Amy!
Finally had a chance to do this class! Sooo much FUN! Great cueing - I only had to look at the screen a few times. Thank you Amy for a terrific jump board class!
Hi Carine, I think the cardio tramp would be fine, a little different, but hey....if you've got that, give it a try!! Let me know how it feels!

Thanks for such positive feedback everyone! So glad you're all enjoying this class!! :)
Another great jump class! Great training for skiing... My clients in Switzerland will love it... Thanks for the variety Amy
Annick...thank you! Yes...most of this material is perfect for ski training...I had that in mind with this class. Glad you enjoyed it!
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I did the class using cardio tramp..it was fantastic! The only exercise where I did not connect was side lying. I think the firm base of jump board is better for this one. Thanks for great class. Would love to see some cardio tramp too!
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