Mat Building Blocks<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 1589

Mat Building Blocks
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1589

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Jasmyn K
Benjamin, I felt depressed, like I don´t know anything about Pilates, I never will be able to teach I am not able to modify.....but then I just thought: I WANNA GROW!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation. I recognized so many details which makes an exercise complete for the client and myself. Can´t wait for more matwork!
Wonderful class!!! Fun, challenging and insightful cues that helped to make deeper connections within my own body. Thank you! So glad I decided to take your class over my normal run today!
loved this!! thanks guys...
Clear! Concise! beautiful!
Great class.. Enjoyed. Thank you.
wow! very different. I took a lot of notes. Thank you, Benjamin!
Loved every minute of this class!
Good transitions to Teaser and excellent Elephant walk to stretch hamstrings. Thank you Benjamin and PA. Would love some Reformer/Cadillac classes from Benjamin.
Wonderful!! Its the subtle insights that can lead us so much further. Looking forward to more
Just took this one again...
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