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thank you, such a gift u shared from the heart.
i took a couple kathy grant classes at the PMA conferences and felt from her such a genuine quality and the essence of integrity in her sharing.

Very moving. Thank you for sharing.
beautifully touching ;)
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Thank you Kim for allowing us into Kathy's world via your eyes. It's so hard to lose your mentor but it's clear that your good memories outweigh the bad. It's important that this work not be lost or forgotten. Kathy was more than a teacher or Pilates exercises.
Beatifully done Kim! I remember being in an intensive with you at TPC when Kathy became ill at Denver POT. You raced to be with her. Your respect, admiration and love for her was SO clear. I would love to know more about your work with Pilates and the Nervous System. How can I find out more info?
Thank you, that was great. x
That was beautiful and moving and so so profound! Thank you so much for sharing Kim and thank you Kristy and PA for making it all possible!!
Thank you Kim, for sharing your background. I love your passion for Pilates. Hearing how Pilates was back then to now to how it is now gives me such a understanding about keeping it real and true. And find a teacher who teaches the way you describe I think is so important for me.
Wow....This was absolutely mind blowing for several reasons. I just happened to google Kim Haroche because you came to mind this morning after all these years(1975-77 at Ailey's). I found this, and even payed to enter the site so I could listen to the video. Your reminiscences of Kathy, and your description of your working relationship with her over the years is profoundly touching. I had no idea what direction your life took, and it brings me such delight to find this video. It sounds like it's been quite a journey for you, and the journey continues. I was only able to study with Kathy briefly, but never ever forgot the experience of working with her...Would love to hear from you sometime Kim even if for a brief chat. All the best, Bambi
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Hi Bambi, How wonderful to hear from you. I was just thinking about YOU last week - how delightful - connected through the vapors. Please email me at and we can catch up.
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