Luscious Legs<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1619

Luscious Legs
Courtney Miller
Class 1619

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Yet another awesome class Courtney!!! Every single one of your classes kick ass! Love that you are the only Stott trained instructor on PA. Hope to be Stott certified by end of this summer so thanks for all your inspiration, creativity and articulate cueing.
Love love love!! I love the way you teach. It's like I'm in the studio with you!
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Courtney, you continue to amaze. So glad you're back!! Love every workout you do!
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best butt and leg class on here. Love, love. Courtney is the best.
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Love thigh stretch to plank. Beautiful. Cueing is so sharp also! Thanks for sharing.
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really enjoyed this class! it would help if they noted in the description a box is needed (I know its usually a given) because I don't have one yet and had to modify best I could. great way to start my day!
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Great class! Feelin' the burn!!
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Awesome class - my legs love you! woohoo for leg circles!
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Looking forward to your next class, always new ideas!
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What a fantastic workout! Courtney, I love your style and your creativity!
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