ABC<br>Arms, Back, and Core<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1624

Arms, Back, and Core
Courtney Miller
Class 1624

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Loved it Courtney! Hope to see you back more and more. Innovative instructors like you will be the reason Pilates will stick around.
Super fun and lots of new stuff. Thanks for cueing spring tension not "color of springs".
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You are awesome!!! I may never take the pole off my reformer I loved it so much! Thank you a million times!!
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Yay more Courtney!! You are a mad creative Pilates genius! Always unique! LOVE IT!
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Awesome class Courtney's classes??
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Great class, new variations love them! I love PA, keeps me fresh and challenged. So worth it!!
Absolutely LOVE all your classes! Athletic, creative, great sequencing, awesome cueing that's clear, precise yet not too wordy.
I agree with Molly...freshinnovative ideas that keeps the integrity of the essence of Pilates is the way to retain interest. Fun, fun, fun with Courtney!
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Blast:)) thank you very much.
Wow! This was a fun workout!! Thank you!!
Lauren Ashley
Courtney you are so incredibly creative! I loved this class and the idea to set up the roll down bar on the reformer. Thank you.
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