Clean Up your Transitions<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1685

Clean Up your Transitions
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1685

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Dear Adrianne:
In the first of the SIDE KICK SERIES - FRONT & BACK, you asked Alejandro not to allow his back to arch a little as he kicked back, but to keep his torso solid.
Historically, Joseph Pilates did allow his back to arch as he kicked front and back. So his back was flexing with the moving leg.
Is there any evidence to suggest that Mr Pilates version of doing this exercise is unhealthy for the spine? If so, would you please reference it.
Thank you.
Hi Matwork?, in reference to your question, when I am teaching I am looking at the body in front of me, while at the same time keeping in mind that level 2 can be structured low to high intermediate. This means not all body's in level two are capable of the same fluidity or strength as a high intermediate would entail. I asked Alejandro, my demo body to keep his back from swaying and to keep his back long and powerhouse engaged. This does not mean there should never be any arch, but to protect your back while in the arch by engaging your powerhouse - ribs, bottom, shoulders, abs etc. keeping in mind the frame work that brought us to this level. Remember Joseph Pilates was the creator, the master of his own system that we aspire to attain. I go by Romana's training, a system that has been proven time and time again for me.
By the way thank you for the question! Excellent to ask!
Dear Adrianne:
Thank you for your reply and I have noted your comments.
I like!
The perfect class for a quick thorough work out.
Thank you, glad you enjoyed!
Such a fun class!! teasers will be the death of me!! need to practice teaser 3 with the twist. Very challenging!
I love the pace of this routine and how you include a good number of poses in 20 minutes. I'm looking for more direction when it comes to breathing throughout each routine. For example when do I inhale in the pose and when do I exhale. Do you have other videos where you address this or maybe a recommendation for another instructor who can guide me through equally dense quicker paced routines and directions coupled with breathing ques? Thanks!
Anjli ~ If you are looking for classes that move at a quicker pace, you can filter the classes by "accelerated" pace. Sometimes it is mentioned in the description when the instructor places emphasis on breath, so I would suggest browsing our accelerated pace class descriptions or watching a few minutes of the class before taking it to see whether or not the instructor is cuing breath.
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