Magic Circle Feedback<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1757

Magic Circle Feedback
Amy Havens
Class 1757

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love the "dips" , thank you for a great Magic circle class Amy !
Great class.
I loved the mermaid into teaser and this class and the imagery of filling up space really helped me breathe deeper and fuller. thank you!
Wow-what a great class. From the warm up to the transitions and cueing - perfect. Beautiful choice of exercise. Terrific creation of mental and body awareness. I could feel the space in my body which allowed for perfect initiation and execution of movement. Thanks so much Amy!
Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your comments! Kati, I value your specific response also .....this helps me know which elements folks respond to and how.
Hi Amy, my torso and shoulder stabilization muscles, especially appreciated the feel of the mermaid, with rotation to teaser balance. Your attention to your students and hands on cuing noted, as a positive 'Pilates' instructor role model. Thank you.
Kathleen....your comments are so genuine, thank you! I am grateful for your honest feedback value your positive words!
Thank you for the class. I definitely feel longer. However, during the side lying series, the arm I was on kept falling asleep. I am assuming I was doing the movement incorrectly. Do you have any suggestions to correct this?
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Hi Seifelbeach....thank you for your comments. Yes, that side lying arm position can be tricky..... try really pushing the forearm and fist into the mat to unload the shoulder itself. If this is still too demanding and gives you the falling asleep response, hold off and try again another time. It could be that you need to build up some strength to hold your body in this way, but I would suggest the pushing into the mat with the fist and forearm. Please let me know how it goes, curious to hear!
wonderful direction! thank you!
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