Cadillac Workout<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 1769

Cadillac Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1769

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This was amazing! I love how the exercises build into one another. This class is like Piltes meets the playground. As I was doing the overhead pike I was thinking about how my kids play on the playground equipment at the park. Maybe we need to move and play more like children! I can't wait to do this class again. Thank you, Benjamin! And Kristi, you made it look so easy!
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One word - yowza! Never cease to amaze me and that's why I Looove PA
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Fun, and stimulating class! I especially appreciate the way Benjamin built the class from one block to the next letting us know where he was taking Kristi. It does help to have that reassuring spot for semi circle off the end and the Pike over. I will repeat this class often to work on both of those. I had to get my 10 year daughter to help me get out of the fuzzies at the end. :) LOL!
Michele M
WOW Loved it!! Thank you:)
Amazing. Beautiful on both ends! the teaching, the practice and execution!
Wonderful cueing and beautiful flowing and challenging class. I look forward to seeing more from BD.
Fabulous! Loved the intelligent preparations getting the body ready for those wonderful inversions. Semi-circle is awesome, Kristi you are a beast! :) Thanks Benjamin! Looking forward to meeting you at PMA!
Great class! Hope i see you in Brazil.
Awesome! Can't wait to try semi-circle and the suspended rolling like a ball thing!
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