Cadillac Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1769

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Great class. Can't wait to try semi-circle tomorrow. Love the build up. Thanks Benjamin.
It's a wonderful class from start to finish Benjamin. I'm sore again just watching a few minutes of class again!
Just Excellent!
great lesson. thank you!!
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Amazing work Benjamin and Kristi of course!! You never fail to please :) :) love it x
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Fantastic! With so many classes to choose from, Ive only just found you! Where have you been all my Pilates life!! I'm really enjoying all your classes and this was no exception x
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Benjamin, I loved watching this workout and seeing how you created a progression of similar exercises. My advanced clients have loved it and found it fun and challenging! You have an incredible eye for the body and an incredible of interpreting Joe's work. Thank you for helping me to be a better teacher and to offer more varied workouts!!
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Great class! Question, how do you do the semicircle on a basil or gratz Cadillac that doesn't have the sliding bar? Just toes on the edge (as opposed to on the sliding bar?) ? I added the dowel to the end, and it seemed to work but not sure if it could slip backwards if that makes sense? Thanks!
Hi Mariana - on a traditional Cadillac I actually prefer to do this simply with the toes on the edge of the Cadillac, no props needed. On this apparatus we had to move this bar somewhere so I chose the low position to stand on, rather than it getting in the way of the grip and arms. Hope this helps!
Right! Thanks so much for your reply!
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