Mat Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1793

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Lovely class. I only had a yoga strap, which was do-able until I get a theraband.
"stand tall, feel how beautiful your body is, lifted, strong, full of air. thank you" Her humility, respect and love for the body (every body) as well as for the method pervades her entire practice and presentation. so much to emulate.
Diane is so gracious and a pleasure to watch and listen to. Thank you for this great class.
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More classes from Diane, please.
Elegance, fluidity and control of each movement. Thank you so much for that great class !
lovely class. Enjoyed the elongation and stretching. Thank you.
Excellent class! I liked the pace, I had time to improve my excercises and to enjoye the beauty of the movements. Stretching before the leg excercises was very useful to me, because of my knee injury. Thank you, Diane.
Great Class! It will now be a regular for my morning start!
Beautiful, graceful pacing. Clear instructions. Very precise instructions regarding form and breathing.
Thank you Vanessa. I am happy you enjoyed the class. I hope you might also enjoy some of my other videos. Best wishes, Diane
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