Mat Workout<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 1793

Mat Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1793

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Natalia C
It was nice to take this class today. I felt some soreness and the stretching and set up of the exercises contributed to a workout with ease. 
Quinn F
I took the class for my second watch, it has a great flow and felt nice after a long week
Diane - I can’t help but keep coming back to your classes. Such elegant programming, the staging and progression and the stretch built in that builds through the exercises. It is just really thoughtful. Thank you.
Diane Diefenderfer
Rebecca, Thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I wish you the best in your continued Pilates practice:)
Beautiful class Diane! Please do some more, especially with Ballet Barre fusion. Best wishes, Silvia:)
Somehow only now just found this class- this was really great- thank you Diane!!
Isabella G
Great class! As a dancer, I enjoyed the incorporation of the theraband for additional stretching. The focus on breath throughout was really nice as well, particularly with the final breathing exercise. 
Gianna  A
I loved the emphasis of the abdominal engagement and the evenness of the class. The cues were perfectly timed and I thought that the combination of stretching and strengthening was great. Loved to see the theraband work!
Ashley O
I love how you set up each exercise by saying things like “ nicely” or “beautifully” lower down to the mat (or however each exercise starts). It really ensures that the entire time you are dedicating to the class is purposeful and beautiful, even the transitions between the exercises are with purpose
Emma M
I really enjoyed the variation used during the beginning abdominal series. It was a great warm and really set me up for the rest of the class. The therabands were also another great addition. I really felt a nice stretch during the exercise. 
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