Reformer for Dancers
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1796

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Beautiful and elegant class!!!
Please choreograph more ballet on the reformer classes for us.
Thank you.

Thank you to Mary and to all who have replied so positively. I am sincerely delighted that you enjoyed the video. I do love the feeling of "dancing" on the Reformer!
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Thanks a lot for this class, it took me back to my ballet classes , but better yet after practising and teaching Pilates. I think all ballet dancers could take lots of benefits with these sessions.Thanks also to the great teacher who transmits her experience so well. Beautiful!!!
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You've done Ron proud. Elegant and quite lovely!
I really enjoyed this class although I do with the title said something about a dancers class. Don't get me wrong I tried it and loved it.
Vanessa ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed this class! We don't usually give the titles of classes special names, but we added in the description that this is a dancer class. You don't necessarily need to be a dancer to enjoy this class because there are so many movements that are great for anyone.
Lovely class. Good reminders of pulling the rib-cage out of the waist!
Beautiful class! I'm not a dancer but strive to look like one. I feel very elegant now!
Thank you, would love to see more!
My favorite class ever!
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