Flowing Advanced Reformer
Brett Howard
Class 1812

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Great class! I like the set up parallel so I can see how two bodies vary performing the same movements. Thanks, Brett!
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Woohoo! Let's hear it for the men! Fantastic flow, form and precision. Loving the energy and cues coming from Brett Howard. Well done, guys!
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Gorgeous, gorgeous transitions between exercises. The whole class is a workout. Lots to learn from here.
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Fantastic pace! Excellent, sharp cueing and strong emphasis on lean extensions. Quite a workout. Thank you, Brett.
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I broke a sweat just watching this one! Nice work!
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I haven't done this video yet but I've watched it twice. I wished the cues to change the straps would be more clear- such as what colors straps are used prior to each exercise.
HI Sara, The level of this class assumes the spring changes are already known. I see why you would want to have it be more clear if you are watching it and not taking it though. Brett is on a Gratz Reformer. This brand of Reformer most closely matches the Reformers Joseph Pilates used, which is to say there are only 4 springs all of equal tension. Typically, all springs are on through the hundred and then it drops to two springs. From that point it goes between one and two springs for the rest of class. I can't say specifically what Brett does here, but I suspect I'm pretty close. I hope that helps?
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Thank you Kristi, I have a Pilates Allegro at home and I'm use to the spring cues. Your comments helped.
I'm not an advance student yet but hopeful to be one.
I actually just finished Polestar Pilates Intermediate Pilates Allegro Reformer that made me sweat. I'm about this level. Any recommendations for my level? Thank you for your help..
Sara ~ If you enjoy Polestar's Reformer workouts, here are some more that you can try on our site. I'd also recommend trying some of our other Level 2 Reformer workouts.
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