Mat Workout
Alan Herdman
Class 1828

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Enjoyed the great sense of humour. Slow and deliberate. A class that is easy to follow. Thank you
Wonderful class! Thank you!
Worked and stretched in all the right places - my torso. Thank-you.
Wonderful class, especially for getting back into the flow of things.
brilliant class - so clear great cues - more please
Seconded Kate Towsey!! Miss Alan's class!
A perfect refresher and body maintaining class between dance jobs during holidays. :) definitely more, please??
Thank yuo Alan! Fantstic class.
Lovely enjoyable class with some creative variations which really got me focusing. Thank you Alan.
Lovely to come back to Alan's class and appreciate movement again...
Really nice video! Perfect explanation of the Curl Up. Beautiful technique. Very safe exercises. Thank you!!
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