Hip to Abdominal Connections<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1831

Hip to Abdominal Connections
Madeline Black
Class 1831

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Loved the variations of the exercises. Great instruction! Thank you!
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Thank you this was the best thing for me
Fantastic as usual Madeline. I especially appreciate the anatomical cueing to assist in connecting. when practicing alone sometimes we forget all the connections going on.
All the tibia and patella talk was very helpful. It certainly kept me from hyperextending.

The long box hamstring stretch was exceedingly hard for me.
Great cueing, and flow of exercises...very helpful. Thank you.
Michele P
I love the anatomical references you give with your classes. You always help take my practice to a deeper level. It is nice to move slowly to create a deeper physical and mental connection to each movement. Exhausting and wonderful. Thank you!!
Very helpful! I like the emphasis on smooth and slow.
Love the variations, especially the corkscrew! The long box hamstring....yes!
This is how I want to teach !
Really found the tibia and patella cueing helpful. thank you!
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