Back Extension<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Tutorial 1833

Back Extension
Rebekah Rotstein
Tutorial 1833

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Perfect explanation! Thank you.
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Beautifully explained thanks
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I have been educated!
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Amazing attention to detail! Thank you for great cuing and detailed explanation.
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Thank you Rebekah! Love the helpful break down of showing both "just doing it" and performing the exercise correctly.
Muy interesante!
Great cues
Jodi H
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Thank you so much for this explanation. Your cues are so helpful. I also really love the demonstration by a student rather than a teacher/advanced student. I wish PA would include more Pilates neophytes since that is a population so many of us teachers are working with. It's so useful to see what happens when a movement isn't going right and how to guide a student back on the right path.
Thank you everyone and yes Jodi - it definitely is an entirely different picture when demonstrating on the non-professional. I try to get clients in my workshops even so people can see how that goes.
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Thank you Rebekah,
As a Pilates for Buff Bones Instructor, I so appreciate hearing your precise anatomical details. At age 64, it allows me to internalize Pilates exercise more comfortably.
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