Strong Traditional Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 1838

Strong Traditional Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 1838

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Can't wait to try this. More classes by Monica pls!
Love !!!
Great lesson!
I loved this, challenging and got the heart rate up too??????????
Karen M
Great class, like the set up to get into plank. Sometimes I feel it in my lower back, with this set up no lower back at all. I will always get into plank like this. Thanks!!!!!
Monica Wilson
Glad to hear it!:)
Good workout but found that it did not flow from one exercise to another not enough. transitions.
Great class!
Nice flowing class. I like that Monica doesn't assume we know what to do and she gives both basic and more advanced instructions - very very helpful.
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Lovely class with some nice challenges; have to work more on my teaser but was happy to finally feel balanced and well during the snake! Thanks, Monica.
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