Mat on the Tower<br>MeJo Wiggin<br>Class 1858

Mat on the Tower
MeJo Wiggin
Class 1858

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Nice session maybe should be listed as more mat than tower....regardless got some great "stuff" from this one. as simple as move to width of mat which is great tactile cue for series of 5....Would have loved more tower exercises here but I expect Mejo will all the good ones do! Thank you
Barbi Smole
I have to agree with the previous comment. This needs to be billed as a Mat class. 13minutes into it and only 1 tower exercise...100. I like the way she teaches though. Just wish more tower.
excellent class
Love this Mejo!
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Thanks! I just shot another class, it's going to be a killer Tower class.....Advanced Tower with Andrea Maida.
Excellent class, love Mejo's cues and drive - thank u.
Great class! Illustrates the mat and the flow of that work with the power of the Tower. Loved the variations on the Roll Back. Excellent cueing, energy and pace. As you pointed out in the beginning of the class, framing the Tower class within context of the mat is a natural flow. For me, the brilliance of pilates is in the original work. Enhancing exercises or modifying them through choreography is offered for different reasons...the level of the client, contraindications etc. I thought this was a great quick class! Thank you, Mejo and PA!
Great class! I really enjoyed all the roll ups. That is an exercise I am pretty weak at but by the last one I felt strong. Enjoyed the mix of mat and tower, more of a mat class with a little tower mixed in 😀
Great cues, love the energy. Thank you!
Robin S
enjoyed using the tower as a mat class. loved the energy of the teacher! I will for sure look for more of her classes 
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