Full-Body Standing Flow<br>Diane Severino<br>Class 1862

Full-Body Standing Flow
Diane Severino
Class 1862

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Seriously... There is so much each of your classes offer Diane. The simple movements I apparently never do are beyond invigorating. Your humor (particularly at 40min mark!) only adds to the reminder that the body in movement, all movement, can be filled with joy in connection to our minds! Thank you so much!
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This woman is full of great ideas !! And how fun was that?? :)
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that was fabulous!
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gREAT CLASS! Can we have more classes from her?
Sook Ning Chua. Yes! Diane has agreed to come back and film more classes! We don't have the date booked yet, but should have one booked soon. So glad you are enjoying her class as much as I do. Make sure to take Diane Severino's Seated Class too!
Becca M
best pilates teacher ever!!!!!
...and Rebecca, she's returning to film more in two weeks!
For everyone....Diane is in the studio right now and wow, wait until you see her classes! Thank you PA for bringing such variety, integrity and legacy! We're pretty fortunate to have such an incredible place to learn and study!
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