Back to Basics Reformer<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 1870

Back to Basics Reformer
Mari Winsor
Class 1870

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Just rejoined Pilates Anytime after a few years of not doing it. Mari was a great re-introduction to the reformer exercises with a light, no stress, fun work out. Thanks!
Welcome back, Kathy! We're glad you enjoyed it.
Bonnie H
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Clear, precise and a plethora of information for all who study the Art Of Contrology . Thank you ,Mari Windsor
Love going back to many gems in this one....elegant, lift in stomach massage, reach to top shelf, no swatting the fly, running to nowhere...thank you thank you thank you!
Wonderful queuing!!! It was a pleasure watching Mari, thank you!
Had trouble viewing the workout at the last two exercises.
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Suzel ~ I'm sorry you had trouble viewing this workout at the end. Did the video stop/freeze? If so, please email us at and we can give you a few solutions that may help.
Mari was delightful. My Reformer is on the floor and I don't have a box (yet), so some of the exercises I had to wait to the end to do. Thinking it might be better to show the modifications BEFORE proceeding with the workout so those do us without the same equipment can join in all the way through.
Andrea ~ Thank you for your feedback. We agree that Mari is delightful, and we are happy to hear that you enjoyed this class! This tutorial may help you the next time you are in a class where they use a box. It offers modifications you can do when you don't have one. I hope it helps!
Have never watched Mari before. I smiled through the entire workout, fantastic!
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