Foam Roller Versatility<br>Tash Barnard<br>Tutorial 1893

Foam Roller Versatility
Tash Barnard
Tutorial 1893

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Tash Barnard
Hi Christine - thank you for your positive feedback and being a PA member.
When referred to 'neutral' i refer to the neutral pelvis (ASIS & PS on the same plane)
So i agree with you - when in flexion the lumbar spine will move towards flexion and allow for the 'imprin't in the lumbar spine to protect the back!
Keep up the good work and we will see you again soon!
Christine Herring
Thanks for the reassurance.
p.s. I went to Barnard College. Are you by any chance related to the founder?
Thank you! Great Tutorial!
Wow I feel amazing!! This is just what I needed :) Thank you
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