Theraband Intensity
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1894

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Amazing class!
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Excellent workout that went by too fast! One of my goals connected to Pilates is to take BASI instructor training in the future and since I adore all the BASI classes on PA, this video truly represents a pearl to me. Thank you PA for sharing Rael's class. Rael, your classes are always inspirational and a great fun for me. Moreover, I learn a lot by taking them. Thank you!
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Rael is the best! He's so passionate about what he does, he inspires and motivates me by his passion.
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beautiful class!!!! I enjoyed every second of it... more of Rael Isacowitz classes
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Love Rael's passion felt very much at home with his style. Thankyou!
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Thank you Rael. All of your comments and imagery are greatly appreciated. I love Flamenco! Great class.
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Love this man. Utter joy.
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Really enjoyed the emphasis on back extensors aided by the band.... Felt really good during movement and also great after session. Just what we all need!
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Fantastic!!! Thank you, Rael! It's feels so good to be taking class from you (if even from afar). You're the best!
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Excelente como siempre.
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